Russian Vocal Technique
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What’s so good
about online lessons
and workshops?
What’s so good
about online lessons and workshops?
It's suitable for singers of all levels, styles and types of voice.
It's SAFE! You don't need to leave your welcoming free-of-COVID-19 bedroom.
You'll attend Zoom meetings which allow you to immerse yourself in the process and get sensible results.
You'll get personal attention from Ekaterina on both online lessons and workshops.
You can choose the most appropriate schedule for your time zone.
In addition to exercises and useful theory you'll get some advice on your specific problems and your own musical matherial.
Online lessons are tested on pets! From the very beginning you're going to realize that your pets are less afraid of your vocals :) 100% guaranteed!
Who's the coach?
Who's the coach?
Ekaterina Belobrova-Schnelle is a highly professional vocal coach with more than 30 years of teaching and performing experience.

Ekaterina developed several specific programs for singers, actors and teachers such as Practice for vocal ensemble, Technique of teaching vocal, Speech voice for teachers, Voice technique of an actor and others. Her workshops and seminars took place in Prague (Czech Republic); Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities in Russia; London (the UK); Poreč (Croatia). She was one of the first in Russia who started teaching vocals online. Her students successfully took part in different music contests, festivals and concerts. Among her students there are famous Russian rock singers.

Ekaterina collaborated with Robby Gladwel, UK (Susy Quadro band), and Ron Thal, USA (Guns and Roses band).

She has numerous publications in magazines and newspapers, including the Show-master, the Musician, InRock and Cosmopolitan Russia. She participated in TV-shows on leading Russian TV channels, including MTV Russia.

Ekaterina loves travelling. She adores flowers and pets and knows ancient wisdom of Russian borsch and vodka!
Technical requirements
Any computer, tablet or phone that has stable internet connection.
A microphone and a video camera.
Zoom Client for Meetings or Zoom Mobile App.
Headphones if possible, but not required.
A keyboard (can be an App. or a real keyboard)
if possible, but not required.
You'll get a video recording
of each lesson.
Between the lessons Ekaterina
is ready to provide you with all necessary support on the topic.
Russian Vocal Techniques
Student reviews
  • An amazing vocal teacher!
    Ekaterina is an amazing vocal teacher. I came in with no experience with singing and she was very enthusiastic, fun to learn from, and over all a great teacher. She helped push past walls and got me singing. If you are looking for a vocal coach she is the one to go to!
    Byron Morales
  • Don't be afraid of skyping!!!
    Hi everyone, I recently got an experience of Skype classes with Ekaterina. Everything went well. Everything is visible. I can hear everything. The main thing is to make yourself comfortable at home, so that you could stand, sit, squat, wave your arms, and sing loudly. Prepare questions - get answers and hints... become vocalists in a comfortable environment! :)
    Anya Filatova
  • It helped me better understand the voice
    The lessons I've taken so far with Ekaterina helped me better understand the voice. Some of the exercises are difficult to master, but it's nice to have a vocal coach who is also a cheerleader to her students.
    ‎Ellen Samuelson
  • It is simple, fun and productive!
    Guys, classes with Ekaterina are very cool!!) First of all, this is a great chance for a vocalist to work with a professional teacher, if it is difficult to find one in your city, and everyone knows that rock vocals are not taught in many places, and secondly it is simple, fun and productive) I know a lot of people who chose the wrong teacher and now suffer. And it is very useful for beginners, because these classes are laying the groundwork for your future success! After two sessions, you feel different, more confident)
    Olga Alberti
  • I can speak and sing again!
    There is an opinion that Skype lessons are just a waste of everything (time, money, emotions). My story would have ended tragically if I hadn't believed that Skype had a right to exist. I worked at "Europe Plus" radio station for 16 years!!! You could hear my voice in the morning shows. I decided to do vocals and for some reasons I just lost my voice forever. 9 months of the year, I could only sizzle. In summer I could speak quietly. This went on for almost three years. Naturally, I left my favorite job and started looking for specialists. And I found them in another city. Thanks to Skype lessons with Ekaterina, I can speak and sing again! I work as a vocal teacher now. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
    Yevgenia Yegorova
  • The session was amazing
    Ekaterina Belobrova today's session was amazing. Thank you for sharing your experience, vocal exercises, techniques and more, especially thank you for the time you dedicated to us. We are looking forward to meeting you again soon.
    Brenda DiLiegro
  • "Harsh" is one of my favourite vocal techniques
    To those who say that it's impossible to learn to sing online! I used to sing as is, like mother nature taught me, and of course there was no question of any vocal techniques like "Harsh", "Growl" or "Scream". Now "Harsh" is one of my favourite vocal techniques (especially in Metal music).
    Alexander Galyuk
  • It really contributes a lot to my training as a singer!!!
    I appreciate in advance the teachings, they really contribute a lot to my training as a singer!!! I hope to see you again soon, I wish you the best... greetings from Tabasco, Mexico...
    José Díaz
  • I feel much more confident on the stage
    Ekaterina is an experienced teacher whose professional ears will hear all the nuances of your singing even across thousands of miles)) With my schedule, only Skype lessons were possible, and just recently I started doing vocals on the Internet and I am very happy. Now I feel much more confident on the stage, thanks to Ekaterina!
    Marina Lavrova
  • The singing world is wonderful
    Teacher Ekaterina, thank you very much for the class on Saturday. I really loved the way we all learned, there are new things that we as students can learn from great musicians like you. Honestly, the idea of learning new ways of singing seems extremely interesting to me. The singing world is wonderful, like the techniques of lyrical singing, the different ways of expressing that contemporary singing has and the colors that a voice can have; It is wonderful to see that there is an extensive range of ways to sing, from what is already known and studied to what can be experienced. Again, I take the opportunity to thank you for all the knowledge that you gave to us in the 2 classes that my colleagues and I had with you. Thank you very much and I hope to see you soon. Excuse my grammar, I am still learning English. :)
    Víctor Gustavo López Benavides
Masha (Arkona band) introduces her vocal teacher Ekaterina Belobrova
Jane Odintsova (Imperial Age band) introduces her vocal teacher Ekaterina Belobrova
What am I going to learn?
What am I going to learn?

You'll learn to warm-up and cool down your voice properly to reduce vocal fatigue and injury.

You'll learn keys to clear, consistent, predictable performance.

You'll experience unity of sound as never before by mastering the skills of blending.
Free tone

You'll experience the physical feeling of a free, relaxed tone without tension in the throat.
High and low notes

You'll learn different methods of singing high and low notes.
Rock and extreme

You'll learn how to use growling, screaming, harsh, fry etc. without damaging your voice.
Vocal range

You'll extend your vocal range.
Head & chest

You'll understand how to develop both your head and chest voice.
Ekaterina's students are residents of Napalm Records
How long is the online lesson?
1 astronomic hour (60 min).
What happens if I realize that I can't attend the lesson?
You need to notify Ekaterina and your lesson will be postponed to another date.
What are the age limits?
You can attend online lessons if you're older than 14 y.o.
Do I need to know Russian to attend the lessons?
No, you don't. Ekaterina's native language is Russian but she speaks English fluently.
Join us! :)